Corporate eLearning

TechTrain aims to give its customers a decisive business advantage. We leverage years of training expertise and the latest technologies to design and deliver tailored learning solutions that are aligned with your unique business objectives.

Very few executives would argue against the importance of developing the skills and abilities of their employees. When companies invest in employee development they can expect to see gains in performance, organizational commitment, and innovation. Beyond the skills imparted to the employee, training programs indicate that the employer is willing to “invest in its human capital that both builds employee capabilities and increases their degree of job satisfaction.” Ultimately, employee development is essential if companies hope to adapt and develop within a constantly changing business environment.


Training costs and budget

The Society for Human Resource Management reported in 2006, that the cost of employee training averaged out to $995 per employee. More recently, the average spending per employee in a training program in 2010 was $1208. However, employers need to take steps to reduce costs or create efficiency savings – the most common step being to increase the use of online learning.

TechTrain’s learning package is designed to work together for the benefit of your organization. It offers the best way to ensure your training budget remains in check, without sacrificing quality for price. It provides a complete set of courses designed to offer the best information and skills training available.

Our eLearning courses are proven to meet the training goals of today’s corporate environment. Plus, we offer the added benefit of being able to easily change any of the 90+ eLearning courses to better enhance and localize your team’s learning experience. Imagine not only having a great course on leadership but one that takes into account your corporate culture and identity or refers to your own products or services throughout the material. With TechTrain eLearning you can have high quality training – relevant to you – in minutes.

If you’re looking for a flexible approach and a focus on providing efficient and effective outcomes based on best practices, proven successes and ability to drive measurable results, we can help you optimize your resources and give your staff a world-class experience.