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Understanding e-learning’s value helps you make the best decisions about when and why to use it.

E-learning Supports Organization’s Goals

  • Improved training costs. With e-learning, each time the course is accessed your return on investment improves. You also have savings through decreased travel, reduced material, and hopefully more efficient performance. By creating the environment online, you never have to worry about the costs associated with set up, use, and clean up.
  • Increased productivity. Because e-learning is not bound by geography or time, you can control training’s impact on production by training people during down times. In addition, e-learning is a great way to give them the tools and skills needed to enhance their performance.
  • Employer of choice. People want opportunities to grow. A catalog with all sorts of e-learning courses allows them to explore other opportunities in the organization. Offering these opportunities to learn makes you a place people want to stay.
E-learning Supports Learner’s Development

  • Real-time access. Live learning events require that those who participate align their schedules to the training calendar. E-learning eliminates this because the course can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Freedom to explore. E-learning offers control to the learners in a way that classroom learning doesn’t. No one likes to fail in a classroom full of other people. E-learning lets you try without fear. This encourages exploration and testing of ideas and creates a great learning environment.
  • Improved retention. The combination of multimedia and instructional design can produce a very rich learning experience that is repeatable. With some good practice activities, you have a learning environment that’s going to help you retain the course content which will produce results.
E-learning Nurtures a Learning Community

  • Ongoing access to resources. If you take a class in the real world and need a refresher, you better hope that you took good notes. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. That’s not the case with e-learning. Ideally, you continue to have access to the online content and resources to brush up on what you learned.
  • Knowledge management. E-learning includes all sort of online technologies. If you incorporate some tools that allow collaboration and conversation, you can capture organizational knowledge that is available for future learners.
  • Standardization. You may have a great facilitator, but that’s no guarantee that the courses are presented the same across sessions. E-learning gives you a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content.


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